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The City Of Darkness Will Not Last
(24 March 1928 - 12 March 1993 / Hoshiarpur, Punjab / British India)

The City Of Darkness Will Not Last

O the sons of decrepit system!
O the children of dark night!

This black night is not perpetual,
This black night is about to pass.
How long these tales of darkness will last?
A new morning is about to beam.

O the off-spring of the dark night!
O the enemies of morn, perpetrators of injustice!
The morning sun will shine,
The spell of ignorance will dispel.
The light of knowledge and intellect,
Will spread in all over these households.

O the custodians of this black night!
O the moths of the candle of a bygone era!
O the admirers of the city of darkness!
The city of darkness will not last.
Have your brief laugh at the morning,
Only for a short while – it’s okay.

(Translated from the Urdu by: Arjumand Ara)

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