The City Of David

God sits up in Heaven and laughs as the nations imagine a vain thing,
For the internationalism of Jerusalem, is the song they seem to sing.

And it is far from an original song that all the nations are singing,
For God made Jerusalem the center of this world before their being.

For God Himself purged the land of Canaan to be the land of the Jew,
And He told Moses to prepare to worship at a place I will show you.

But Moses never crossed the Jordan and was buried by God's own Hand,
And Joshua took over to lead the Israelites into The Promised Land.

And from the time of Moses through the Judges wherever the Jews went,
The Ark of God's Covenant and the Glory of God remained under a tent.

It was not until God gave Israel rest under King David their leader,
That in the City God chose, he desired to make God a house of cedar.

The City that God chose was Jerusalem, on which He placed His Name,
For it is The City of David, and on it God's Name will always remain.

God remembered His Promise to David, and his desire was not ignored,
For God had told David's son Solomon to build a temple for The Lord.

Then God consecrated this temple by putting His Name on it forever,
And this promise to Solomon by God, He can not and He will not sever.

So even though things look quite gloomy in Jerusalem today my friend,
Zechariah says The Lord will inherit Judah to choose Jerusalem again.

(Copyright © 06/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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