(1898 - 1943 / Pennsylvania / United States)

Love, Regret, And Memories

I remember the days when it was just you and me,
Back when our future was all I could see
Your beautiful eyes and your wonderful smile
Since I saw them last, it has been a while
I wonder what your doing, do you remember me too?
I want to scream out I miss you so much boo
These other guys think I'm insane
Cuz I'm waiting for you love, do you think that's lame?
I feel like a fish out of the ocean
Every piece of my heart seems unfixably broken
My heart can't seem to know how to forget
Letting you go is my biggest regret
This love makes me suffer, are you hurting too?
I strongly doubt it, it's all cuz of you!
You don't seem to hurt you've never felt the pain
Your not the one who thinks of 'us' whenever there's rain
I'm the one whos heart can't forget
I say I'm done and that Im moving along
But all that backfires when I hear that one song
Memories fill my head while tears fill my eyes
My feelings remain here deep inside
Forget this love, I don't think I will
I'm here where it all began, loving you still

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