Letter To Mother

Each and every day
I remember along the way.
You stood, a giant figure
Ready to do battle
To anyone who would do me harm.
Your touch, ever so gentle
As you rocked me to sleep.
The way you stood as a referee.
To fight my cause, just to be.
I remember the pain I did cause
When I would take a wrong turn.
Your love and faith in me
Would always be there for the world to see.
Now a mother myself.
I can only hope
I will do half the job of giving
The love you did show.
Your love, wisdom, guidance
Will be passed on as an inheritance.
I give thanks to God each and every day for you.
A Mother's Love You will find more greater.
You won't be able to buy it.
Her love can never be measured.
Only to behold and be treasured.
When trouble knocks at your door.
Her gentle how are you today.
Will lift the clouds and bring you joy.
When you stumble or stray.
The bonds of her love will cradle you.

A mother's love forms from birth, adoption or fostering.
It will scan across the miles.

Her eye sight has dimmed, her steps slowed down.
Remember the warmth of her arms and lap.
In the days of old.
If you are lucky to receive such a gift.
Take the time to call or give her a hug.

by Ruth C. Dept

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For one brief golden moment rare like wine, The gracious city swept across the line; Oblivious of the color of my skin, Forgetting that I was an alien guest... this is sad, people, sad that a person's skin color would be an issue, would skew one's perspective. i'm glad the poet had that golden moment. sad that others would be withheld or, worse, be frightening or brutal. and mad we're still having to deal with this prejudice in my own country but not limited, not nearly, to my own country. -gk
I wish they would find another voice to read these great poems
Such a thoughtful and didactic poem. Its an all read poem. A nice job by a highly appreciated poet. Well done and congratulations for being chosen
A short witty poem. Very nice.
Golden moment! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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