Description Of Love

A true lover is proved such by his pain of heart;
No sickness is there like sickness of heart.
The lover's ailment is different from all ailments;
Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries.
A lover may hanker after this love or that love,
But at the last he is drawn to the KING of love.
However much we describe and explain love,
When we fall in love we are ashamed of our words.
Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear,
But love unexplained is clearer.
When pen hasted to write,
On reaching the subject of love it split in twain.
When the discourse touched on the matter of love,
Pen was broken and paper torn.
In explaining it Reason sticks fast, as an ass in mire;
Naught but Love itself can explain love and lovers!
None but the sun can display the sun,
If you would see it displayed, turn not away from it.
Shadows, indeed, may indicate the sun's presence,
But only the sun displays the light of life.
Shadows induce slumber, like evening talks,
But when the sun arises the 'moon is split asunder.'
In the world there is naught so wondrous as the sun,
But the Sun of the soul sets not and has no yesterday.
Though the material sun is unique and single,
We can conceive similar suns like to it.
But the Sun of the soul, beyond this firmament,
No like thereof is seen in concrete or abstract.
Where is there room in conception for His essence,
So that similitudes of HIM should be conceivable?

by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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For one brief golden moment rare like wine, The gracious city swept across the line; Oblivious of the color of my skin, Forgetting that I was an alien guest... this is sad, people, sad that a person's skin color would be an issue, would skew one's perspective. i'm glad the poet had that golden moment. sad that others would be withheld or, worse, be frightening or brutal. and mad we're still having to deal with this prejudice in my own country but not limited, not nearly, to my own country. -gk
I wish they would find another voice to read these great poems
Such a thoughtful and didactic poem. Its an all read poem. A nice job by a highly appreciated poet. Well done and congratulations for being chosen
A short witty poem. Very nice.
Golden moment! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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