The Civilization In The Verses

The civilization in the verses
that in the last few years
rang from my chant and writing
is not the civilization that we
live, we humans, in the sunlight
glorious with diadems of a proud
peacock day, that bruises.
but a civilization of graves
and tombs, and fading,
and rattling skeletons, and ghosts
and shrouds, and all that reads
from my verses
a civilization of Fading full
antithesis of Rising high:
ah! the reference frame of things
must not of Fading or of Rising be
but of both
mixed, alternately:
and in this followed be the mass universe.
Till then the reference frame be so
fatigued with alternation
that an Immortality and Rising ever-continually
It will dream and will wish and execute.

by Emmanuel George Cefai

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