JD (24th September 1987 / Royal Tunbridge Wells)

The Clash

So see our love now in life
In love we have one but truth
Where winter casts but a shadow in its dark wake
That life we once knew happiness

Through that we have to offer to jest
Be merry as our destiny is set in motion
As our world would surmise itself
We wonder at our life for truth

We have intrigue that sets our hearts awake
Strong though the nights as our hearts now
Through our world we seek redemption
To that we hunger for the oppression of our will

Strength, Think of its passion that holds our worlds apart
The truth of injustice that keeps us together in Darkness
In Light, but in the justice that binds us to end
We are closer to defeating the attack of our will

We seek truth; we seek answers to the question
“Will I see you as you see me now or are we just blank”
We are together as one but one is all we need
To bridge our worlds as the starlight guides a sailor to his destination

I will always seek the one I desire, that my bosom desires
And I will always allow our worlds to meet but be that I love
We can see more in life better that a stargazer can
But what we know is “In our hearts we know”

by James Davies

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