Bright Pink Toenails

On a manly man. Shocking?
No, more smile bringing...

Especially once you know that
His daughter likes to do that
To daddy’s toes. Now his wife
Does also. What must...

He doesn’t care what anyone
Else thinks and usually wears
His flip-flops and never wears
Anything that ‘goes with’ that
Color. In fact, he enjoys the
Facial expressions first sightings
Of his toes bring. There are
Always those who are speechless
But can’t stop looking down, and
On an occasion like today, one who
Will comment right away. Hey...

My toenails look good for three
Days max after a pedicure. Yes,
I do. Then I have dirty looking
Edges. In my later years (rat now) .
I would never... until I talked with
This bold breeder. Now, far less bold,
You’ll see no dirty looking toenails
On this poet. Nude 610 is the
Color; L’OREAL is the maker.
Paris is the place. Yeah.


by Jim Boone

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