The Clever Poet

The clever poet
Like the clever crow
Throws the pebbles
In the pot
To quench his thirst
Whether he knows
It is empty
Or not
As only
The echo in the pot
Is the pleasure of others


by Sadiqullah Khan

Comments (3)

Thro’ sheer cleverness poetry can’t be composed…but blended with wit and emotion makes a good poet. Is it a sarcastic poem Sir.methink So? …nice diction but you’re wise and intelligent poet. 10 Ms. Nivedita UK
as i joined ph, i noticed there are many kinds of poets...there are fake and there are not...well, this poem made me smile, ..this is so true....and this is nicely done...
Clever poem can take lots of meanings I like echo's {poems for me] simple words moulded in the right way shout the loudest...enjoyed regards