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The Cliff

The Cliff

With faded eyes
I stare at the time passing by
Feeling its breeze on my skin.

This air is getting old
Dust from antique promises
Ashes from a burnt fire.

A wrecked ship as a toy
For the ocean’s child to play.
She cruised through all seasons.
Now the weather is gone
Between the sky and earth
Only gravity rules.

From this cliff side
Freedom is the abyss
Prison is his kiss.
A kiss from those lips
Forbidden, unseen
Giving a voice to the wind.

He lies on the horizon
And slowly disappears
As the night comes.
Running through his fingers
The night like black sand
Covering her cold body.

Embraced by the sky
The cliff is shivering
Alone in the dark.

She chose to fly…

What brings together
Keeps apart
Makes it last.
But no sweeter word
Than this Goodbye
When all is past.

For you will always be
a dazzling star
That never chose to fall
And grant a wish…

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