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(((The Clinic)))

I was sitting upon your knee--
When i was all of twenty-three--
And i can still remember you speaking so softly...
On that Friday that seems like an eternity;
You told me that i was your lady--
Why you even called me your baby---
Out in the open-never shady...
Even though everyone knows your rather cagey;
You told of your feelings to your best friend Bob...
Who was just outside about to turn the knob...
But with no intention to wrongfully rob---
Or even act like a nosey slob;
He came inside to see you and me---
And i was still upon your steady knee----
Bob said that we looked 'happy as can be'----
He said that 'The truth shall set us free'! ;
For so long our love song had been outta tune---
And of course you blamed it on the waning moon----
But we rekindled by the end of June...
And married we would be real soon;
So here i am still upon your manly knee----
And i am aware that you are fine tuning me...
You're like a doctor without the fee...
A visit to your clinic was: 'an absolute necessity! ';

Underneath The Umbrella

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