The Clock (A Dedication...)

They wondered why
I do not wear a watch
“I wouldn’t want to know
what I can’t conceive”

Minutes like hours
Hours too long to pass…
Days that make me seem
years older by night.

Wishful moments
When he would
“smile in the morning;
listen as I was silent”.

Wasteful hours
Ticking of his heart
A clock out of order
“ill as mine”.

Forgot his face…
Number attack!
Doubted his presence
but couldn’t forget to count…

Time makes me cold
Pain grows numb
Waiting for the end
of a silent countdown.

And numbers fall off
numbers die
each day escaping
through my sigh…

But where there was nothing
now there is one
left with one number
the clock has resigned

For it was not time
and time will not be
beyond the point of zero
there’s just infinity…

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