The Clock On Us Is Ticking

The clock on us is ticking and it ticks and ticks away
And we are getting older with every passing day
And few live to be one hundred and many do die young
And millions die in poverty and millions die unsung.

And many evil people their names keep living on
For centuries and centuries after the life from them has gone
And they are still remembered even though they died in shame
Why is an evil person even worthy of ill fame?

So many decent human beings are forgotten where they lay
Respect for the laws of God and man in their lifetime they did pay
And they are now forgotten that does seem sad to say
Many of the good are not remembered and memories of them left to decay.

The clock on us is ticking and time on none does wait
And the pauper and the billionaire on them have a use by date
And I'll drink to the Reaper for none as fair as he
Since he does not respect rank or class the monarch of equality.

by Francis Duggan

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