EF (december 3rd 1801 / sydney australia)

The Clock Strikes Nine

I was staring at the clock waiting for it to tock
when all of a sudden a mouse came strolling into my house.

He was squeaking away in the night of this day,
but I must have been short sighted when he and I collided.

“Are you alright? ” I asked about. “You sure made me scream and shout! I apologize sincerely my good friend mouse, but what are you doing here, in my house? ”

“I have come for milk and yellow cheese.” I answered, “Follow me to the kitchen please.”

I set down the bowl as it was his command and I threw out the mouse trap I had picked up with my hand.

“Ouch! ” I yelled, as the mouse trap snapped, with a noise so loud as if it were a clap.

“Are you alright? ” the mouse had asked. I said “Oh, yes.” with tears I had masked.

“Oh okay. Are you sure that you’re alright? Let me take a look, if I might.”

He pulled down my hand to take a close look. He noticed the mark and his head, he shook.

My good friend mouse gave it a kiss, then my cat jumped in and began to hiss!

He hid in a hole right next to the broom as I locked my cat back into her room.

“That was a close one! You can come out mouse? I forgot to tell you I have a cat in the house.”

“Wow that was close, and thanks for the treat. You really should know that it was pleasant to eat. I should be on my way to relax the rest of the day. I will be back soon if it was bound, but make sure your cat is nowhere around! ”

I said, “Come back anytime and I'll throw in a lime.
I get ready to dine when the clock strikes nine.
I will make sure my cat is nowhere in sight, so pleasant dreams to all, and to all a good night.”

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