Philosophy Of Beauty And The Beautiful

Simplicity is beauty,
Purity, divinity;
The virtue of quality
Excels that of quantity.
Beauty that pleases the sense is good,
Beauty and vitue are good,
Seek for things simple but noble,
Virtue alone can ennoble.
True beauty is simply graceful,
The graceful are beautiful,
There's beauty that's deceitful,
Nature itself is beautiful,
Beauty is perfection of form,
Virtue and good sense conforms,
Beautiful things may deform,
But virtue act in good form.

by Merlin Archivilla

Comments (6)

It is an amazing poem of Shelly..
Wonderful use of double rhymes and rhythm.......a master at work.
nice long poem........
This was the very first poem I read by the Shelley, and ever since that tender age of 11 I've been a dazzled admirer of the Master of Lyric Poetry. I started writing because of Shelley, and because of his matchless verses has Poetry been my first love. Just like the Cloud, Shelley 'silently laughs at (his) own cenotaph'; like the Phoenix, he is immortal. PBS LIVES!
This poem is about rebirth and regeneration.
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