Can'T Spell Crap Without Rap....

Music has always been, always will be
my first love
best when as loud as I can bear it
and you can't scream above
it's how I spend every minute, every
second, of every day
even when the stereo's off
in my mind music will play
A fan of most, doesn't really
matter much to me
except for that twangy crap
that people call 'country'
well, I can't really say that either
even some of it is good, yet....
remakes are like drunks on
karaoke night...on a lousy bet
It's when any 'artist' dares to
convert a classic old song
and recreate it into something
horrifically and tragically wrong
Hey, Billy Bob whatever-your-name-is, you had
no business doing that anyway
what the hell made you think you could sing
Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway'? ?
Really, it's all about respect
and this is one person's judgement call
I'd say you wouldn't want Eminem coming
around sportin' a drawl
and belting out 'Devil Went Down To
Georgia', could you imagine him?
You'd consider him destroying that song
if he ever came up with that whim
Another thing I think I'll mention
before I call this poem a wrap
even though I like it sometimes,
'You can't spell CRAP without RAP! '

Respect the music
Respect the artist
Even if you don't listen to it
It's not your song
Stealing is wrong
Nobody messes with my music!

by Lee Degnan

Comments (5)

Wonderful use of double rhymes and rhythm.......a master at work.
nice long poem........
This was the very first poem I read by the Shelley, and ever since that tender age of 11 I've been a dazzled admirer of the Master of Lyric Poetry. I started writing because of Shelley, and because of his matchless verses has Poetry been my first love. Just like the Cloud, Shelley 'silently laughs at (his) own cenotaph'; like the Phoenix, he is immortal. PBS LIVES!
This poem is about rebirth and regeneration.
Undoubtedly my favorite poem by Shelley. Such genius is shown here, painting such a picture- popping in one's mind every second of the way down each stanza. I can't get enough of this poem.