The Clouds Layered Like Mind

Poem By Uloia Norris Moore

Cloud filled day we gaze
some times in raptured
we stare minutes maybe
an hour goes by our heads
in our mind same way

Currents then strong
take the clouds away
layer by layer like
an onion our minds

I think the same way
when life's events
have come to pass
that which some
call wisdom
others green grass

Not but layers of past
peeled back

They must or should be
peeled from time to time
to see how we feel
progress made said same
lost the mind

Like the onion layers
upon layers
get to the core
to see how you have grown
if so at all

Clouds and mind like one
some how winds of life
cut through layers
tears to our eyes

Comments about The Clouds Layered Like Mind

Never knew that last line was coming, until I had to do a double-take. WOW! The onion comparison...first time I've read that on PH...but, this one crept up on me too...Yeah, you're good! Yeah! ! ! xxElysabeth

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