The Club Barracker

He talks of football with his mates at the pub
And of the recent fortunes of his favorite club
For him it would be an enjoyable brag
If this year his team win the Premiership flag

This year on Grand final day he hopes to realize his dream
Of being there to cheer on his favorite team
To grand final glory on football's big day
He dreams of being part of the big hooray

When the final siren has sounded and the fans celebrate
And the losing fans in silence throng out the gate
With his fellow winning fans he will loudly cheer
And that evening in the local sing and enjoy the beer

Though loyal to his children and their mother his wife
Football it is a huge part of his life
His favorite football team a change of luck is due
A Premiership flag for them would be his dream come true

The club colors he is always proud to wear
With his fellow club barrackers a similar dream he does share
That their favorite club will win the Premiership flag
And give them good reason for a sporting brag.

by Francis Duggan

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