( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

The Coal Mine Trail

I'm strolling up the Coal Mine Trail,
My thoughts along with me,
And every turn I make,
An old familiar site I see.

It's ever thus - the landmarks, though
So common the years before
Will often change as time goes by,
And only dreams will restore.

I walk along the Coal Mine Trail,
As scenes bring back again
The memories of my formative years,
And of my family and friends then.

I live once more in retrospect,
The time I used to spend
Picking coal near the tipple,
Where the trail came to an end.

While reminiscing on the Coal Mine Trail,
My mind goes back always
To a time when as a son of a coal miner,
I lived my yesterdays.

I recollect the coal mine on the hill
That could be seen from the windowpane,
And live again the hard times,
That brought worry, sorrow and pain.

I miss the tall coal breaker that now
Has gone the way of time,
But the faded billboard still stands,
The town's ever- welcome sign.

I see a coal miner walking to the mine,
Carrying his shiny lunch pail.
Then I see the same is true
The length of the Coal Mine Trail.

I stop and look now and then
To some familiar site,
That brings a thought of long ago
When the miners were in flight.

And, as I see the time go by
While years begin to pale,
It gives me pleasure just to walk
Along the old Coal Mine Trail.

But still I get some satisfaction
And comfort while I'm there,
Along those old familiar haunts
With memories they can share.

I see the remnants of the mine,
It sort of makes me sad,
Because I see no rugged miners like
The coal miners we once had.

I often think of the Coal Mine Trail
That has haunted me so long.
The trail now immortalized
In storybook and song.

I have to rest a bit at times
When aging legs get weak,
But the Coal Mine Trail draws me on
To those simple rewards I seek.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

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Wonderful picture you paint in this poem. I can just see the trail and all that you describe. You have a great way with words. Linda