The Coastal Man

He lives in the town in the brown Countryside four hundred miles or more
From where he would prefer to live the town by the ocean shore
In visualizations he feels the sea spray on his face and he sees the big waves roll
The coastal man is always a coastal man and he has a coastal

The atmosphere is quiet in the quiet old Country town
At evening the place is so quiet and few cars pass up and down
In the local pub most of the locals him do tend to ignore
In his old Hometown by the sea he has friends by the score.

In three months he will have served his contract and he will be coastal bound
And he will feel much happier when back on his home ground
His friends will be glad to see him and at his local bar
He will tell of life in the bush town a six hours drive by car.

In his wild flights of fancy he can hear the sea birds cry
As above the cliff that overlook the sea they circle in the sky
A contract to work in a Bushtown he will never sign again
The man raised in a coastal town as a coastal man remain.

by Francis Duggan

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