The Coastal Poetess

In the lounge room of her home in the morning her home overlooking the sea
A poem in her thoughts it is stirring as she enjoys her warm cup of tea
She looks out on the big white waves rolling the great waves that rumble and roar
That race up the beach in the full tide and crash against the cliff on the shore.

The white gannets beautiful to look at into the waves for pilchards dive
They soar then dive into the ocean their nature is to fish to survive
A poem in her mind it is stirring it comes to her in the peace and quiet
Like the gannets have been born to be fishers she has been born for to write.

She does love the place that she lives in from her home a breath-taking view
And she does see herself as quite lucky as one of the privileged few
She does write such beautiful poetry of Nature's wonders she does sing
One can say a poet of the people happiness to others she does bring.

The wild waves are tossing and turning and blowing up a white frothy spray
And beauty in her mind is stirring she will write a great poem today
Happy in her home overlooking the ocean in a beautiful place to live in
She feels in life she is so lucky that she is one born to win.

by Francis Duggan

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