The Coastal Suburban Woman

In the cool gray dawn of the morning through the coastal parklands she run
And she goes to the beach in warm weather for a swim and a few hours of sun,
A blond woman in her early thirties trying to make the most of her life
Still single and free of the restrictions that is the lot of the mother and wife.

Her own boss she runs her own business she is one of the self employed
And she rose through the ranks to get this far and she has travelled far and wide
She's picked fruit, waitressed and washed dishes for to get to where she is at today
Self motivated and quite determined she's made it in the hardest way.

Attractive, well dressed and down to earth with great character in her face
And Laughter to her comes quite easy the marvellous gift of life she embrace
Not all business people are snobby as people we tend to classify
And to say that all high achievers are arrogant would simply be stating the lie.

One of the new breed of coastal career suburban women she lives in an apartment overlooking the sea
She jogs in the dawn of the morning and after work just before tea,
She keeps herself fit and eats healthy and she looks as slim as she's ever been
And she looks as young as most teenagers than many of those of nineteen

She jogs in the cool of the morning in the gray dawn before the sun rise
Along the deserted streets towards the quiet beach before the onset of the traffic noise
A beautiful woman in her early thirties happy and successful in her chosen career
Her type once quite rare on the increase and their numbers multiply by the year.

by Francis Duggan

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