The Cocky Young Bloke

He walked hand in hand with a beautiful young blond some men have all of the luck
He had the swagger of conceit the dark haired cocky young buck
If body language it could speak his would say look at me
Our male egos not hard to inflate is how it does seem to be

They stopped in my view for a quick hug a cuddle and a kiss
The cocky young bloke and his love the sexy looking miss
They did seem so very much in love young love is quick to flower
But it can be also quick to fade like a rose in a cold Autumn shower

Nowadays such public displays of love are not known to be rare
An aging bloke like me at such a thing can only stand and stare
And wish that i were young again to partake in such as this
Young love when it is in full bloom it can be Earthly bliss

As they walked by me hand in hand i wished them a good day
But to my greeting they did not reply did not even look my way
The cocky young bloke and his beautiful young blond in silence passed me by
Then stopped to kiss on the footpath to prove they were not shy.

by Francis Duggan

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