The Cold Chill Of Winter

The cold chill and the whirling
winds of winter, the melting
snow is indicative, spring will
soon be here. The endless
bleak days and nights, can
make anyone happy to see it
disappear. There are many,
who love the glorious winter
months, but sadly, I'm not the
kind. Give me the suns warmth,
beating down and let me romp
through the sand, for me, no
better life can you find. I love
to feel the warm ocean,
underneath my feet. A feeling
of euphoria, comes over me, for
now, I'm complete. I was made
for this type of life and here's
where I'm going to stay. I can't
think of any other place, I'd
rather be, so don't even try, to
lure me away!

by Audrey Heller

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