The Coldness That I Do Perceive In Others

The coldness that I do perceive in others is the coldness that is hidden within me
For those we meet and get to know are our reflective mirrors what we dislike in ourselves in some of them we do see
We like others to think that we are close to flawless the true self we do try to hide away
But you ought not to judge the book by the cover something the more prudent do like to say
Though to criticize others many can seem unwilling we all can be judgemental in our mind
You could search the World for a perfect person and a perfect person you may well not find
That 'tis human to be flawed does seem quite truthful though some more so than others it does seem
And none is worse than the one who puts down others for to build up his or her own self esteem
For success we must compete with each other and the less ruthless the less likely to succeed
And with millions finding survival a battle the compassionate are people we do need
To the higher self we ought to try to stay true to but that is not an easy task at all
A good person is a person worth knowing one who never finds pleasure in another's downfall
And the one who said 'tis human for to be flawed is one who was or is insightful and wise
And that compassionate people seem to be getting rarer does really not come as a big surprise.

by Francis Duggan

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