The Collingwood Barracker Fred

One would think there would be more to life than Collingwood and A F L Football
But to a well known local the biggest thing of all
That he has happening in his life he swears by Collingwood
When they are going well winning games life with him is all good

His wife Elaine says to her friends i worry about Fred
His black and white beanie of Collingwood he even wears to bed
He has a Collingwood addiction that does seem sad to say
At their every game in Melbourne he goes to watch them play

She says Fred takes more interest in Collingwood than on our children Jude and Joe
He wears his magpie beanie on his head to whereever he does go
He must be Collingwood's greatest barracker perhaps their most loyal fan
But Jude worries about the mental state of her footy mad man

He goes to cheer on Collingwood his favourite Football Club
He watches football on t v and talks football at the pub
He wears his black and white beanie all of the time he even wears it to bed
Collingwood has no greater fan than their ever devoted Fred.

by Francis Duggan

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