The Message

Waking from tender sleep,
My neighbour's little child
Put out his baby hand to me,
Looked in my face, and smiled.

It seemed as if he came
Home from a happy land,
To tell me something that my heart
Would surely understand.

Somewhere, among bright dreams,
A child that once was mine
Had whispered wordless love to him,
And given him a sign.

Comfort of kindly speech,
And counsel of the wise,
Have helped me less than what I read
In those deep-smiling eyes.

Sleep sweetly, little friend,
And dream again of heaven:
With double love I kiss your hand,--
Your message has been given.

by Henry Van Dyke

Comments (18)

Not my cup of tea... thankfully not my glass of water either
The story may be true, but on the Poem of the Day Page it fills the heart with horror and gloom.
He spilled many human ears on the table! This is serious! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
.............a very good start for a short we just need to find out why the main characters are there having dinner with a bad guy.....and why hasn't the police locked this man up.... and thrown away the key....
harsh but maybe true in land of other
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