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The Color: Night

Midnight Blue
like waves in december
your eyes find me walking
in and out
of urban moonlight

you glow
like the star you are
born to burn up
manhatttan evenings
with that look of velvet luxury

was it the music
or the whites of
my eyes, your gown
that made me think I could keep you
on my wall

to share with guests
in polite little parties
'i thought she'd go well with the skyline
and stardust
of twilight'

but you hid truths
beneath all things ruby and fine
you washed them down in spoonfuls
when you weren't busy
tinting the night

'my eyes- they're like the air
tastes at sunset'
you flirt with the flash
and float on through the
crimson carpet

to escape the mirror
that hangs on the horizon
and find a place to hid
until every shade shines

for you.

by Adam Conway

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