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The Colour Of Your Eyes (Satis Shroff)
SS ( / Dharan)

The Colour Of Your Eyes (Satis Shroff)

Blue is the colour of the mountain,
Blue is the colour of t sky,
Blue is the colour of our planet,
And blue is the colour of your eyes.

You have so many names:
Blau, bleu, caerulus,
Neelo, niebes, mavi,
Sininen, sienie,

Blue is the colour
Of your balanced character:
Unshakeable and constant,
Peace-loving and distanced,
Where there's conflict,
You shy away.

Blue is the colour
Of your responsibility,
Your astonishment
And helpfulness,
Towards your fellow beings.

Blue is the colour of flexibility,
Tender feelings and faithfulness.
Perhaps that's why
I love you.

Blue is not alone light,
It carries a bit of darkness
With it.
The colour of your eyes
Have an unspoken effect on me.
I feel an ambivalence
When you look at me.

Ultramarine blue is deep,
The endlessness of the mind.
Your cool blue eyes are distant,
Like an open ocean.
Stimulus and silence,
I understand you,
At other times,
I don't.
Am I day dreaming?

Blau: German
Bleu: French
Caerulus: Latin
Neelo: Nepali
Niebes: Polish
Mavi: Turkish
Sininen: Finnish
sienie: Russian
azzuro: Italian
azul: Spanish, Portugese
a-oj: Japanese
Annäherung: to draw close to
Vermeidung: shun, avoid

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