The Combined Life Spans Of Three People

Governed by whites of Euro race the country's finances they control
But this Southern Land still has got a black soul
And in that black soul there shines a bright light
Who said the fair dinkum Aussie is white?

Two hundred and fifteen years have passed since the arrival of Captain Cook
Only a short span in time's history book,
The combined life spans of three people that is all
And that doesn't seem a long history to recall.

The combined life spans of three people nothing more
Since Cook and his sailors moored their boats and came ashore
And on other peoples Land they staked their claim
Dispossession for want of a better name.

The combined life spans of three people doesn't seem long
But it seems too late now for to right a wrong
As the landscape has been changed forever more
By the invaders from another shore.

And the combined life spans of three people is all it took
For to give the landscape a new sort of look
And industrialization and environmental damage is on show
Since Cook's arrival two centuries ago.

by Francis Duggan

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