Poem Hunter
The Comfort Of Distance
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Comfort Of Distance

What is a man who hesitates and hides
when faced with great adversity of friend, or you
an inner voice out for survival is what guides
his actions in withdrawal is his Waterloo.
He shuns the weak, infirm and those infected
as if they had already died and gone to Hell
and paints in golden hue the wall he has erected
then talks about the character of Wilhelm Tell.
Oh no my friend, there is no lasting peace
within your soul, if harmony you seek,
the usefulness of it, this Golden Fleece
may well evaporate and speak to you in Greek.
It is your hand that is the issue here and now
no ice-cold shoulder makes the world a better place
but if you have to ask I can not tell you how
as all the answers are engraved upon your face.

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Read it again, Sam? You may see and I can thank you twice. Best H
distance is not comfortable...it is numerate...dont fear it...