The Comfort Of Your Arms

I wasn't so keen about being famous now or later,
Neither am I rest assured to always have my bread laced with butter,
All I do is live my life as it comes not minding any hater,
Just when I concluded that the world can't offer me anything better,
Then along you came to reveal the warmth in the Comfort of your arms.

Apples, bananas and melons are my favorites,
My passion for basketball seem so infinite,
I am a peace maker and love to see people unite,
But just like the darkness get chased away by light,
That's how they were dethroned by the Comfort of your arms.

I could ride a yacht at the Bahamas,
Or be a celebrity surrounded by cameras,
Take a vacation to Paris to tour their cinemas,
Or simply re-brand my wardrobe to strictly Adidas,
But none could nearly compare to the Comfort of your arms.

What if I sing reggae and become the best Rasta man,
Or be a magician who puts an elephant in a can,
Run around the world throughout my life span,
Or save the world and be the latest Superman,
I still will never feel victorious without the Comfort of your arms.

People say the road to success is a long way to go,
And that is life cruel, unfair and always gives a blow,
Because while some are melting in Sun others are freezing in Snow,
But please tell me how I am supposed to know,
When I am fully embraced by the Comfort of your arms!

Dedicated to Coffee… my Comfort zone. 

by Albashir Adam Alhassan

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