The Coming Of Harmattan

This morning
There is a thick haze
Hanging over our heads
Its so cold
And it's folly to believe
This is tropical weather.

One can not see
Well to the road
A few cars up
Are full gear on their fog lights
It is difficult to even
Spot the faint lights
For the only thing
That tells a car is passsing
Is its grumbling sound.

This morning
The east is smiling
And the yawning horizon
Is beaming with the sun
The black 2011 ford ranger
Has rested enough
From yesterday's tortuous trip
Over mud, dust and puddles
On Calabar road.

This morning
I have put the key
Into the ignition hole
And revved the engine
Its exhaust pipe is weeping
For the advent of a clime
So inclement to fear.

by Tony Adah

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Talking of environmental change. Great write. Read my poem: 'Harmattan' and comment