The Coming Of Summer

Time is running away, the summer
is just around the corner! Of course
you all will welcome that, as the days
and nights, will be so much warmer!
After the horrible winter most people
had this year, it's a welcome change
for all! Whever you looked and
whatever you read, it became just
everybody's down fall! It really was a
terrible mess, one would think, it was
never going to end. The only thing
that kept you going, was waiting for
summer, to arrive around the bend!
For some, they're still dealing with
some harsh situations, which we
hope, will be put to rest. I trhink
everyone's, had just about enough,
this time around and frankly speaking,
they've all been put, to a mighty, big
test! Let's all look forward to summer
and enjoy the warmth it's going to bring.
Even if you get some hot days, remember
what you just left behind and open up,
your hrart and sing!

by Audrey Heller

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