The Coming Of The Holiday's

Once again, time has slipped away,
as this coming Monday, is Labor day!
From here on in, it will go so fast,
as once again, the dye is cast!
Halloween, is just around the corner,
it will be here and gone at the blink
of an eye. Next, comes Thanksgiving,
with all of it's trimmings and that too,
wil fly right by! The Christmas
decorations, come out of storage, pretty
quick, I'd have to say. Reminding all of
us in no time at all, Santa is on his way!
From here on in, it becomes a whirlwind,
trying to keep up, with all the cheer! But
lo and behold, before you turn around, in
pops the New Year! This is the time we all
wait for, but all too soon, it too will
disappear. So here we go through, the old
and the new, as once again, the cycle starts
over and repeats itself, once more. Time
waits for no one and before you know it, here
comes the holiday's. They're already, knocking
at your door! So keep on your toes, for that's
the way life goes, you hardly get time to rest.
But you'll never win, as you'll forever be in
a spin, so take it in your stride and do, your
very best!

by Audrey Heller

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What a write...truly inspiring madam-hall of fame..i hereby appreciate the time to re-read it