UP ( / India)

The Coming Together!

In the birdsong
At dawn;
In the little children's laughter
At play.

In the eye that waits
To see the homecoming;
In the anticipation
Of a smile coming one's way.

As that angel,
Hidden, yet guiding, always;
With a knowledge of a light
At the tunnel's end.

And Love-
Yes, Love, that culmination
Of emotion, glad and sad.
That surrender,
To the soul,
And soulmate.

It was with an
Unextinguished hope,
And the certain faith,
That I found that
Simple Joy-
When Love came calling,
With you.

As you!

by Usha Pisharody

Comments (3)

every word is condensed with meaning and you bring out the magical power of love also...
So delicately emotional, I just wonder if I should touch it...
Very nice work here, Usha....Mellifluoue structure...flows like a new coin flicked 'cross the glace of an icepond. ~ FjR ~