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The Coming
AH ( / England)

The Coming

when I see all the gentlefolk
sat in a row
no expression no feeling
do they now show
and I wonder
if its because
they do really know
that the darkness is coming
to stroke that soft cheek
its time yes my beautiful
for you I do seek
because if you were aware
death was stood on your lawn
would you not
leave the building
or would you welcome him
with open arms

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Comments (2)

I thought it read better as sat, 'when I see them all sat' as in.. they are already sitting..and apostrophies, well other than me being incredibly lazy, they also make the piece look cluttered to me so I leave them out. sorry if you find this incorrect, well....yes it is. Thanks for your comment.
'sat' ought to be 'sit' (probably) . I wonder why you do not place apostrophes? H