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The Common Mask
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The Common Mask

I wake up early in the morning,
Cleansing myself of all sins.
I pray that I might be forgiven,
That I might be able to make amends.

Once the cleansing is done I dress myself,
Putting on the mask I wear everyday.
This mask hides who I truly am,
And keeps my soul neatly tucked away.

I go and sit with people, spontaneous as they are,
I sigh with scorn, with disgust.
I don't like them. Hardly at all
Yet, tolerate them, I must.

For people are littered around the world,
They are those who I cannot avoid.
Albeit they have the same minds and thoughts,
Working in synchronicity; a group of droids.

I am vast worlds different,
This secret my mask hides.
If this is how you saw me,
My visage would be a lie.

So I wait, and I blend,
Just merging with the crowd.
I don't flaunt these hidden differences,
That they would not allow.

Eventually I toil through this experience,
And make my to home,
I let this thing, this mask, fall from my face,
But only when I am assuredly alone.

It isn't a hideous secret I keep,
Quite the opposite: mine is beautiful.
But they do not understand this,
So I must appear with my mask: suitable.

I sigh yet again, this time with remorse,
I am filled with a deep dark sadness, and
I don't know how long I can manage this,
This fitting in with the masses.

I lay myself down to get some rest,
But it is long before it comes,
These thoughts just keep annoying me,
Like a nest of bees' buzzing hum.

I turn over, being fretful,
And so see a mirror.
I see the differences yet again,
And I am filled with a sudden furor.

Why must I cast my face in shadows?
I am no worse or better than they,
Different is the only thing I am,
So now I care not what they say.

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