The Common People

The common people includes you and me
We are told who we are and what we should be
And on how that we ought to be classified
By those at the top of the social divide

We are the people supposed not to dream
Never to be on the successful team
For some to win big we had to lose out
This is what human life seems all about

Always the strangers to wealth and renown
Our sort are the unsung of every town
Other people's losses has not been our gain
Though our dreams of self betterment we do retain

We do have a vote on election day
But after this on running the Country do not have a say
Like the rose tree that has failed for to flower
We never will hold positions of power

As the common people we well may be known
But we are individuals with dreams of our own
And those who feel better than us like us born to die
A mere fact of our existence and fact never lie.

by Francis Duggan

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