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The Lord Saved Me From Death

The Lord Saved Me From Death

'The Lord saved me from death; He stopped my tears and kept me from defeat.
And so I walk in the presence of the Lord in the world of the living' Psalm 116
Now I ask that You allow my riddance of this deceit-
Humble as I may be, upon this day of much Thanksgiving!

'I heed Your message Heavenly Father', as I have said;
'My departure from this, the only home I have ever known, all but done;
Your purposeful journey for me incomplete, otherwise I'd still be dead;
I prepare myself now to leave behind all I've ever known, all but One!

My present circumstance but an interlude, of sorts-
I shan't be waylaid here more than planned;
I shall endeavor dutifully to deliver what my heart exhorts-
Done in spite of abject fear of this unknown, as You command!
Deliver me to my sanctuary, from this woeful place-
What shall become of me then, is entirely up to Your Grace! '

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