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The Companions
EGA Eric G. Alleyne (3231965 / Port of Spain Trinidad)

The Companions

Functioning in a scattered pack of ravenous wolves
Got to keep a pair of heavy dependable work gloves
Coming in at a fast rapid pace
Not trying to make a peace treaty, all up in your face
How do you defend against this attack that rips at your being?
It is now, not when you are you are willing
For the future bleak and distant
The more that you ask the more that the heart becomes vacant
Try as I could the portion that has been dealt is not unjust
Remaining in the center of the storm is a must
Well this is my journey alone and in this cage I have designed
I hope it is for the feathers that long to soar, I am inclined
Now I know what it is like to have loved and lost
Faithful to him despite the cost
Searching the heavens for a heavenly inspired vision
Stuck with vastly different cruel desperate unknown companions

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