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The Compatibilists

The hand that presents an odd applause
The one that gives effect and cause
In philosophy there's little to fear
Yet they'll spit venom in thine ear
Our arguments for God-breathed genetics
Are captured in apologetics

It calculates its tragedies
Enumerates its strategies
Round and round its loves and hates
It endlessly reiterates
Pausing in determinism
Sharpening the mechanism

Free will is not understood
When it tramples one underfoot
The compatibilist accepts a belief
And calls for a time to debrief
With truth wrapped around the tongue
A word that binds a winded lung

The why, the who, the where, the when
And back we lack to ask again
Mathematic principles you must dissect
Are lucid, cogent and viably correct
And as they foolishly object
They'll ram each word back down your neck

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