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The Complete Life

The Complete Life

My life is now complete
for i have found the love of my life,
the man of my dreams,
my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate.
The two of us have a special bond,
a bond so strong that nothing can break it,
a bond that is built on love and trust,
a bond that binds us together forever,
sharing all our dreams
secrets and many desires
knowing each other hopes and wishes
brings us closer to each others heart.
Looking into each other’s eyes,
we see the love we have for each other
runs very deep
and we know that will last forever
this love we will always keep for each other.
The smile that we each have,
spreads across our face
and gives us a warm glow for all to see,
as we hold each other tight
in a loving embrace.
We now face life together
with a bond that is beyond strong that
feels our hearts, and that plays a special tune of
love that has been blessed
with a kiss from our precious lord.

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