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The Computer Doctor
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Computer Doctor

Her hands were deft,
well manicured and slender
the keyboard left
one click 'return to sender'.

It was a fragile chair,
but she was thin
the fragrance of her hair-
'Recycle Bin'.

And while she raced
through scores of tricks
mistakes erased
and two more ticks.

The seat gave out
with my support
let out a shout
a frightened sort.

It was sheer luck
there at my house
it ran amuck,
my little mouse.

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Comments (4)

Hi Herbert, I liked this one a lot. I wrote one about 'tackling my computer' when I first got one, it's in among my poems if it's worth a read. Not quite as high class as yours of course. Sincerely Ernestine.
That's an ambitious rhyme scheme, Herbert...two rhymes per short-lined stanza. The rhymes are good.
Actually, my dear and sweet Computerdoctor, I was just dreaming. H
Cute Herbert.....anyone I know? :)