The Conclusion

It’s over
My heart is now in pain
My eyes are teary
My spirit is drowned.

You ask me how I feel
I could only say it’s okay
It may be killing me
But nothing can be done.

Your words spear my core
I nearly died
My world fell apart
My dreams shattered.

Now that I know it
There’s nothing I could do
Still am afraid to tell you
For my feelings might shoo you.

You were blind, deaf and insensitive
After all that I’ve done for you
You told me you love me
But it was only an air castle.

Now I have to accept
Life isn’t for me
You are not destined for me either
But then I am still in love with you

I wish you all the best
I let you go now
Though I couldn’t promise
I would still be behind you.

This concludes everything
Time to move on
It may not be easy
I will try. …… goodbye. Goodbye………

by alejandro bernardo

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