~the Connection

burnin inside,
its a new sensation.
the kiss you release,
its a new connection.
where i will find you,
its a new location.

the thing i love bout you,
its your determination.
the way you move,
to the way you talk.
the way you walk,
to the way you say,
i love you.

its all new,
and each time it happens,
damn.. i still feel that connection.

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (2)

oh wow..cool poem..even though i dont really know who u talkin about...anyways..good job..u have a good writting skill..i can visualize this in my head as u say it in this poem..well..anyways..uh..wow..good..poem
Hello. Very good poem. A suggestion: Remove 'when' from 'way you say I love you.' You don't need it and there's no special scan to it.