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Shake Away
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Shake Away

Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

The UN Human Rights Council: an unbalanced,
unproductive and unfair obsession - focused on
Israel & an irrational mandate to debate alleged
Israeli human rights abuses against Palestine at
ALL sessions - under Agenda Item 7 -

It has issued more condemnations against Israel,
a democratic state, than any other country; human
rights abuses of Syria, Iran and all the rest together
are debated under Agenda Item 4, no one else has
an entire item - that's NOT a sensible priority while

Assad's regime bombs hospitals in SYRIA while its
people flee to escape ASSAD's MURDEROUS rule,
in North Korea & Iran, millions are denied all freedom:
NO country should be free from scrutiny - and yet the
Palestinian Authority President Abbas said protecting

Palestinian rights is the only reason for the existence of
the Human Rights Council: a smoke-screen as protecting
local fiefdoms is all that interests Palestinian leaders who
only care about destroying Israel where ALL life, human &
animal, is respected; an ethical principle so irksome that

Palestine's people are taught to take a life and commit
suicide to massacre everyone to show their contempt &
overt derision for the Universal Right To Life & Respect,
a covert joke in elitist fiefdoms, the UN Council is just a
laughable irony for those killing their own people for fun

It should be called the Palestinian Connivance Council
founded for the amusement and convenience of Assad
and Abbas and the other Palestinian authorities

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