C (October 1991 / New York)

The Consequences

She stands outside, it's just a store
She's walked through the door at least a hundred times before
She puts on her hood so no one can see her face
She can't believe she's even in this place
She walks to the aisle,
There's a lady with a smile
She reaches for the box, as quick as she can,
And heads to the man behind the cashier stand
As he rings it up, the he gives a look of dismay,
What does he expect her to say?
She carries it out, wrapped in a brown bag
As she thinks of what's happening, she almost gags.
She walks through the door, heads up to her room,
Pulls out the box, and prays this will all be over soon
She reads the directions, and does what it says,
Thinking how will she tell him that it is his?
Three minutes are up, she closes her eyes,
Her whole future, in her hands it lies,
As she opens her eyes, to see two little lines
Her mind flashes back, to a moment in time
When everything was good and all was right,
And now she's paying for that one special night.
A young girl, only sixteen years old
Sitting in her room, all dark and cold
In her hands, a pregnancy test
This heavy feeling in her chest
It's positive, what does she do now?
Tell her parents, they're gonna have a cow
But for now she's alone, and there's one thing that's sad but true
She's not the only girl that this is happening to.

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Wow Wow Wow I am crying. thanks for your poem.. very heart-felt