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The Contour Of My Heart
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

The Contour Of My Heart

Slowly beating, aching still.
It feels what it needs, and heals what it will.
Valleys that decend into thee abyss of no return,
The Contour of My Heart is alone & Still.

Weakly it lives and battles each day.
Not caring what it sees, or loving what's in vain.

It's as if there's no tomorrow,
So why live for today.
The Contour of My Heart can see no other way.

Bleeding from pain,
And hating with hurt.
It's anger see no vision and it's failure has no hurt.

The Contour of My Heart,
Hold's very few Dear.
It's love is hard won,
And it's trust is hard given.

The deepness of this pain cannot be discovered.
It's like there's an endless & lightless tunnel.

The Contour of My Heart is beating very slow,
It's hollow its empty, it's hatered more so.

I will close myself off in a place far from harm.
Cause I see no reason to stay,
If the out come always brakes my heart.

Be faithful to those you follow, I hope my words hold meaning in some form.
For The Contour of One's heart may slow and beat no more.

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