**unending Folornness

the lips of my cup is warm
it ease my freezing loneliness a little

i wish your here,
i wish you care this poor woman

the woman you don't want to stay with
for in all your nightmares she appears

but i don't want to disturb you
i don't have the right to do that, i know

yet i can't help it, i need your arms
here in my poor cliffing neck

and the real warmth of your breath
that drives away this unending folornness

i'm but crazy, i'm dingy, i guess
only besitos and yuki knows this

i'll be nutty as fruit cake
i'll be an unsound mind,

if you won't come now, now that
i need you warmth my soul in desire.

by HAZEL Calumarde

Comments (4)

This is a the sweetest poem I've ever tasted, It was quite something
that was quite a fun read~ Preets
this is a really cute poem, i like it ;)
wow, thats really good, keep up the awesome work! ~starr