PF (03/01/90 / Knebworth, Hertz)

The Corner

So here I am
Walking down the lonely road to self destruction
Steadily paced
I’ve stopped here so many times

On that corner
Before the road turns black
I’ve stood and felt something
Something more than cowardice

In the deep dark depths of my winter
It’s always winter

Feeling that feeling
Stood on that corner
With my lack of lucidity
Tucked in my pocket

Mind flood
Open it up
Let all shine in
Let all who dare to look, see

Read me
Turn in me and
Page by page
I'm a little less alone

Each step back
Is another step forward
And back into sanity
Away from the corner

Looking up that road
Why I falter at the corner?
When once and yet again
It saved my soul

by Perfect Fool

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