Cuming Soon(The Pleasing)

I told her i wanna lay her down she said you gotta take every step no detours to be found i think i got enough gas for at least 8 rounds with enough squeezing sweating teasing and pleasing to make u loose at least 8 pounds and we already love how each other go down we gon go everywhere solid surface can be found last minute thinkin she said thats a sin so i told her they will be forgiven so let the festivities begin I knew she liked it rough with all the freaky stuff ropes and handcuffs tellin me im not enough tryin to call my bluff but im standin up ready to whip cream it up and put a cherry on top and eat it up den beat it up and make the room real hot and steamy and leave da sheets soakin wet not givin a pause while im strokin it so im thinkin wats next whats it gon be slow and deep or rough and fast grabbin and smakin ass dont worry bout the stamina cause i got enough to make it last ill give u a good year like the tire and i guarantee i'll make it last im not just trying to smash or just get a piece of ass i wanna caress your body and let my tongue lips and fingers massage your breast but i do the nipples and clit the best dont worry bout me just say it and my tools will do the rest so show me yo chest i need chest to chest when you ride show me you best when you ride and let me show u im da best when im inside and we can give our best till we tired cuz da g-spot is my destination inside and let my curve hit it wen u ride from da side and put ur nails in my back and grab me tight and whisper moan and scream in my ear like its ur very 1st time as i grind and stimulate ur mind from inside when you see ya boo u gon be tryin to hide i guess thats why they call me doctor millz and mr hyde he cant handle that ride he dont last inside he dont get live like i i wan give you thrust after thrust till you say oh das enough so strap up its gon be a roller coaster right sp spread dem thighs as you glide with stroke after stroke then lick after lick then jump back inside oh no i aint done we havent concluded the fun we still gotta make the headboard beat like congo drum wen i go deep deep as the abyss so take a look at dis i love water so if she squirt it will just make me harder so im tryna give her somethin against the law and out of order sometimes you gotta get agressive but always protected wit no accidents aint no need to call progressive. you gotta keep it exciting making the room light up with stars before the night ends wit her eyes closed but she still see stars i gave it to her rough up against da wall like superman standing 8 1/2 inches nice and tall strokin befo we cud get da clothes off but she take me like nyquil dose after dose till she doze off she bout to go off i hit the g spot its time for the water flow legs shaking they about to go she aint never felt like this before she talkin to the pillow and bitin on da cover and beatin up the sheets legs shakin and vibratin cuz she about to skeet. nah she cumin like niagra and im standin tall like i overdozed on viagra

by Emile Segue

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The Country Of The Blind excellent naming, thanks for sharing
Admired. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
very nice... remain contended...10 From past or Know your worth And breathe With His name You shall be able to claim
The blind shall one day see the light!
attempt speech on the truths.... Thanks for sharing.....